Israel Labor Party Primary Election, 2012.

The road to a seat in the Knesset, Israeli's parliament, goes through party primaries. Israelis do not vote for individuals in the general election. Rather, they vote for a party. The number of seats a party gets in the Knesset is based upon the number of votes the party recieved overall. 

For Israel's Labor party, as well as others, the party primary determines the pecking order. So, if a party gets five seats in the Knesset, the top five primary vote getters earn seats in the Knesset. 

Oren Pasternack, then 27, was campaigning for one such seat. A leader in the 2011 social justice proests, he hoped to parlay his work and visibility into a high ranking on the Labor party's list. 

These photos cover some of his campaigning throughout Israel. 


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